Ford’s ONE YEAR OLD photo shoot


Kristina Curtis has done it again! For Ford’s last photo shoot we headed down to Utah Lake at the docks. It was an early morning and much like Ford’s 10 month photo shoot – he wasn’t really digging it. It was a bit chilly being right on the water and he was tired. But we managed to get some good shots and Kristina offered to take some family shots as well. (of course, we brought Olivia too!) My cute boy! {Read More}

Olivia has some news for you…



Urie Christmas 2012

Christmas Morning

So here’s what we’ve been up to for the last few days! we did gingerbread houses – a Wright family tradition (mine was the cutest! check out the Christmas lights!) Diz and I had our Elevated CrossFit Christmas Party, we did a white elephant gift exchange and Minute to Win It games (which I was in charge of). Watching the banana & orange game was the best. I was laughing so hard! Van and Tyson got really into the water {Read More}

Merry Christmas from the Urie Family


We hope  your holiday season is filled with love and joy. Merry Christmas! with love -the Urie family-

the Urie Christmas card

Urie Christmas Card

Just thought I’d share our darling (if I do say so…) Christmas card. I figure by now, anyone on my list that I sent them to, has received them, so it’s safe to show the blog-world. Pictures were all taken by Kristina Curtis Photography at our session in November. I used this freebie card template from Designs by Megan Turnidge. (She has a TON of freebies on her blog if you are in to digital scrapbooking.)

Update on Olivia!!


We got some GREAT NEWS this week! Olivia is NOT a hermaphrodite! (Not that it would have been a bad thing necessarily… #justsayin) The histopathology came back and the bumps ended up being inflamed lymph nodes. The pathologist could not find any reason for the inflammation which is strange. There was no bacterial infection, no viral infection and no fungal infection and MOST importantly — NO CANCER! And all the swelling that she has (that we’ve been so damn worried {Read More}

(almost) wordless wednesday


remember when  you were a kid at Christmas and your Mom had empty wrapping paper tubes and you had sword fights?! well… Olivia wanted in on the action. except – all we had was a paper towel tube. and we only had one. so she played tug-o-war with Dizzle. obviously… this game did not last long. ya know… the whole slobber thing kinda makes cardboard soggy.

Well… We didn’t expect THAT

Olivia in her Christmas scarf

Little Miss Olivia has thrown us for quite a loop this week.   Over the weekend, Sundance noticed 2 bumps on her low belly, basically between her groin and her hind legs, one on each side of her midline. I felt them, poked and prodded and she didn’t seem to be in pain. She’s been eating just fine, having no problems with going potty, and has been her usually active self. But the evil “google” told us she could have hernias, {Read More}

1 year ago…


this little love bug came into our lives! I fell in love with her the moment I saw her! I knew we had to bring her home. from snowball chasing… to her first lake trip… to loving on us, kissing on us, and constantly snoodling with us… She makes our family complete!

Happy Thanksgiving

family photo

Happy Thanksgiving from Diz & I & Olivia! Hope you have a wonderful day with your family & friends! *this super cute photo was taken by Kristina Curtis Photography*