Ford’s ONE YEAR OLD photo shoot


Kristina Curtis has done it again! For Ford’s last photo shoot we headed down to Utah Lake at the docks. It was an early morning and much like Ford’s 10 month photo shoot – he wasn’t really digging it. It was a bit chilly being right on the water and he was tired. But we managed to get some good shots and Kristina offered to take some family shots as well. (of course, we brought Olivia too!) My cute boy! {Read More}

Ford’s Birthday Party


(sidenote – I’ve been a really crappy blogger – I hate blogging this late after the event – I forget most of the details and have to think of something clever to say…) We celebrated with family and close friends and had so much fun. It was great to have everyone come over to the house and check out our new place (even though it was (and still is) so bare!). We BBQ’d hot dogs & brats, had baked beans, {Read More}

Happy Birthday Ford!


Here’s a little slideshow I put together on SmileBox for Ford’s party today – I figured I should share it here since I can’t invite everyone over to my house. Hopefully I’ll get a post up later this week for Ford’s 1st birthday party!  

Ford – 10 months


So… I had a draft of this post on my phone (or so I thought) and I somehow lost it. So this is going to be a very abridged version of Ford’s 10 month. Total Mom/Blog Fail. Weight: 25lbs 4oz Height: approx 30″ Doctor Appt: Well – we had yet another ear infection, this time it was bad! He had a perforation and had lots of drainage from both ears! Poor kid. We went to the after hours clinic on {Read More}

Santa – I know him!


We took Ford to meet Santa last night at Riverwoods. My parents met us there (and stood in line for us, which meant less time out in the cold) and we had so much fun! Not sure what he’s looking at… the fur on Santa’s coat perhaps? this is what happens when you have 4 adults trying to get a baby to smile well… that’s a little better, he’s at least looking at the camera. Mom Fail – I only {Read More}

Ford’s 3 month photoshoot


I am so THRILLED with how these photos turned out. Kristina Curtis is an amazing photographer! I’m so glad we decided to do the first year package with her. He’ll get photos taken every 3 months for the first year. So worth the investment! isn’t that box the cutest? I am kicking myself in the butt for not bringing it to his newborn shoot. Kristina and I talked about bringing it to the next 3 shoots so we can track {Read More}

Ford 3 months


I can’t believe my little boy is already 3 months. He is such a cute little stinker and I’m pretty sure I fall more in love with him every day. He is such a happy baby. Sure, he gets fussy when he’s hungry or tired, but when he has one of those meltdown type fits (or what my Mom calls “hollering”) I will sometimes check his temperature because I think he might be sick or running a fever because he {Read More}

Kimmie’s visit


Kimmie came down to Utah last week for Ford’s Baptism and was able to baby sit Ford for a few days. She loved it! And I’m pretty sure Ford loved it too! He loves to snuggle, and he got lots (and LOTS) of snuggles! Here are a few pics from her baby tending adventures. Ford got to meet Grammy (Kim’s Grandmother-in-Law) and Granddad (Kim’s daughters’ grandpa). As you can see he was a smiley little guy and loved (LOVED) all {Read More}

Ford’s Baptism


We got Ford baptized on Saturday, November 9th at my church, St. Francis of Assisi. (For those of you who might not know, I am Catholic. Sundance was raised in the LDS church, but is no longer active.) We had all our family there for the baptism ceremony (I wish I had gotten a big group photo). It was so nice to have everyone there to celebrate with us. I’m sure my Grandma Marge was watching from heaven with a {Read More}



  This was Ford’s first official holiday and we were so excited to dress him up! We saw this Mike Wazowski onesie set at the Disney store this summer and Diz fell in love. In fact, he wanted to buy it in newborn size so we could bring Ford home from the hospital in it. I put the kibosh on that pretty quick. But when we started thinking about Halloween and costumes I knew we had to get him that {Read More}