Eastern Caribbean Cruise


WE had a BLAST. So much FUN! Started off with the safety lecture… (thank goodness we were not on the Carnival Triumph and we never needed to put our life jackets on again!) Our first stop was at Princess Cays. Which is Princess’ (our cruise line) own private island in the Bahamas. We were basically lazy bums and just laid in beach chairs all day. Diz snorkeled and saw some cool fish. My Dad and Josh played a few games {Read More}

How to stay MOTIVATED during the Holidays


After the end of our Whole Life Challenge I was worried that we’d fall off the wagon and fall back into old habits. Luckily, we’ve done pretty well. We did splurge quite a bit last weekend, but on Monday we were back on track. However, with the holidays coming temptation to slack on our diet and workouts is HIGH. There are going to be parties and treats and family dinners all the time. But, we don’t want to lose all {Read More}

Western Caribbean Cruise, Part 4

2nd Day at Sea After the gym, me and Diz met up with my Momma and Daddy to watch a cooking show with the Head Chef and the Maitre D’ Hotel. It was really cool to watch. He made a pesto linguine dish in like 4 seconds and I wanted to run up on stage and take the plate and scarf it down. It smelled divine. (we were sitting in the front row, so we could smell everything!) They made {Read More}

Western Caribbean Cruise, Part 3

Roatan, HondurasRoatan is absolutely gorgeous. Everything is so lush and green. We did a glass bottom kayak and snorkel excursion. Took a bus ride (LONG, long, bus ride) to the beach and met our guide, Shannon. He was super nice! Went out on our kayaks, it was SO freakin’ cool. Didn’t see a ton of fish but got a GREAT workout… I’ve never kayaked before, my arms and shoulders were toast by the time we were done. Once we were {Read More}

Western Caribbean Cruise, Part 2

First Day at Sea  After being woken up by room service with my coffee, thinking it was 2am, not 7am, I went to the fitness center and ran 5 miles. It’s a little different running on the ship, it’s like rolling hills, plus side to side swaying. Had to grab on to the sides of the treadmill to steady myself quite a few times, LOL. After breakfast at the buffet, we headed to the pool and sat out in the {Read More}

Western Caribbean Cruise, Part 1

Get ready for picture overload… Because I have SO many pictures I’m going to break the trip up into separate posts. So today’s post is our travel day (2/4/11) and our first day on the ship (2/5/11). I still need to get more pics from my Mom and Ashley friend. Enjoy! Finally landed in Ft. Lauderdale! Yeah for sunshine and warm weather!  Had to get our soda cards… Diet Coke… YES please. also the first picture taken in ‘Manual’ aka {Read More}

last post …

We are on our way to our ship as I type this. Had an uneventful travel day yesterday. Did have to wait an hour and a half in Dallas for the plane to be de-iced. But other than that it was pretty easy. Checked in to our hotel, hit up dave & busters for dinner (food was great, service sucked) then back to the room for sleep. Getting up at 3am was rough on us. LOL. We woke up kinda {Read More}

ready to go!

Just a few more days and we’ll be cruising in the Caribbean! I can’t tell you how READY I am for this vacation. Looking forward to some warm sunshine and adventures! my suitcase… almost filled to the brim! but only 43 lbs… I have 7 more lbs to go! lol. hubby’s suitcase… ( i know it seems tiny, but I’m packing his suit and his formal clothes in *MY* suitcase) some of my essentials… good books and summer clothes  high heels {Read More}

super excited!

Lots of things that I’m excited for!!! We are almost packed for our cruise. I can’t help it… i’m OCD, I plan, plan, plan. lol. The only thing left to pack is my running clothes and socks and undies. seriously. and Diz is almost there too. I keep ‘repacking’ for him though. I can hear myself now, “Babe, I don’t know where your 7 black shirts went. I know they were packed! hmm… why don’t you wear the cute yellow shirt {Read More}

Cruise Scrapbook 2010

These are the scrapbook pages I made for our cruise from last year. I had the book printed and gave one to my parents, brother and ashley friend for Christmas. I love how it turned out! and makes me super excited to go again.