Ford’s Baptism


We got Ford baptized on Saturday, November 9th at my church, St. Francis of Assisi. (For those of you who might not know, I am Catholic. Sundance was raised in the LDS church, but is no longer active.) We had all our family there for the baptism ceremony (I wish I had gotten a big group photo). It was so nice to have everyone there to celebrate with us. I’m sure my Grandma Marge was watching from heaven with a {Read More}



  This was Ford’s first official holiday and we were so excited to dress him up! We saw this Mike Wazowski onesie set at the Disney store this summer and Diz fell in love. In fact, he wanted to buy it in newborn size so we could bring Ford home from the hospital in it. I put the kibosh on that pretty quick. But when we started thinking about Halloween and costumes I knew we had to get him that {Read More}

Ford – 1 month


I can’t believe our little man is already a month old! It seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital with him! What’s going on with Ford at 1 month: Diz and I are so in LOVE with him. He makes the cutest little noises when he nurses and when he’s falling asleep. Everyone says he looks just like Diz – except the nose – that’s ALL me. But, when I look at him, all I see is a {Read More}

Ford’s Nursery


So I feel like after I blogged about Ford’s birth story, the next blog should be about his nursery… Isn’t that what new Mommas do??   I mentioned the alphabet wall a few times during my pregnancy updates… so I figured you guys might want to see the finished product. (It’s been shared on IG, but the pics don’t do it justice) I think it turned out pretty great. Most of the letters came from Hobby Lobby and Wood Connection {Read More}

Ford’s Birth Story


So now that Ford is 3 weeks old I figure I should give you the story of how our cute little guy made his arrival… (and I want to write this all out so I can remember all the details) On September 5th I went in for my check up at 40 weeks 2 days with another Dr in my OB office because my Dr was out of the office. After the normal check up stuff, he checked me to {Read More}



announcing the arrival of our sweet little man Ford Winston Urie September 6th, 2013 8lbs 7oz – 21 inches We are SO in love with him!

40 weeks!

40 weeks

so technically this pic is from last week… but I’m not getting in front of a camera tonight… ugh. How far along? 40 weeks! I’m due TODAY. 2 of my friends who were due AFTER me have had their babies. I’m guessing the good Lord is saving the best for last. According to “what to expect” Baby Urie is (duh!) FULL TERM, should be measuring 19-22 inches long and somewhere around 7.5lbs. Total weight gain: I actually lost 2 lbs at my {Read More}

Baby Showers for Baby Urie


So I just realized that I’ve never posted about all the great baby showers I’ve had. So why not post about them now… since I’m due TOMORROW! My first shower was on July 17th at my work – and holy cow did I get spoiled! One of my favorite gifts was this quilt from my friend Kathy. We have kind of a running joke about Mormon and Catholic quilts at our office. My Mom makes Catholic quilts (aka flannel tied {Read More}

38 Weeks!


How far along? 38 Weeks! Only 2 weeks until I’m due! That’s crazy!  Baby Urie is weighing in at close to seven pounds and hitting the height charts at the 21-inch mark (or less) (according to What to Expect). He’s shedding vernix and lanugo into the amniotic fluid. His lungs are continuing to develop and he’s producing surfactant (the stuff that will prevent his lungs from sticking together when he starts to breathe.)  Feeling lots of movement still, and I can tell he’s dropped {Read More}

What NOT to say to a Pregnant Woman


I’ve been thinking about this post for a long (LONG) time. Been keeping mental notes (and literal notes, too) all along my pregnancy of the stupid things people say to pregnant woman. Here are just a few: 1.) (upon finding out that I was pregnant) “I thought your face looked plump.” the polite response – smile & nod in agreement what I really want to say - “Well, yes, it is normal to gain weight in pregnancy. Which explains my ‘plump’ {Read More}