Happy Valentine’s Day


  Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, FORD (and Ash & Diz, & Olivia)

Ford 5 months


This little man is growing up so fast! He is just such a sweet little guy. When he smiles at me, I swear my heart just melts. He’s starting to really interact with us more, he’ll grab our faces (hair, lips, nose, whatever he can grab) and pull (or pinch, yikes!) and sometimes even try to “kiss” us and chomp on our faces. For the first time I can finally see what people are saying when they say Ford looks {Read More}

My Breastfeeding Journey


I’ve honestly been trying to write this post for a least 2 months now. I don’t know why I’ve had such a hard time getting this written out. So – here we go. Alright y’all… I’m about to get a little personal and talk about breastfeeding so if that’s not your cup of tea… feel free to skip this post. When I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to try breastfeeding. I read a ton about breastfeeding {Read More}

Ford 4 months


My baby is 4 months! How is this possible?! I swear he was just born yesterday. As a new mom you hear “enjoy every little moment because they grow up so fast” and I used to think, “yeah, yeah, yeah” – but you know what?! It’s true! There are days when I wake up and get him out of the crib and I swear he’s grown an inch or two and gained a few pounds. I sure love this little {Read More}

Grandpa Garth

Grandma Marge 079

Just thought I’d share my Grandpa’s obituary. He really was such a cool guy and accomplished SO much in his 89 years. His services were earlier this week and everything went so well. We shared many memories, lots of laughter and tears. We will miss him dearly but I am so happy that he is back with my Grandma.   On New Year’s Day, Garth Ford passed away, surrounded by his family. He was born July 26, 1924 in Provo, {Read More}

Heaven got another angel tonight…


My Grandpa Garth passed away tonight. Definitely not the best way to start a new year. Thankfully, he passed away peacefully and pain free and is finally reunited with my Grandma Marge. He was one of the coolest grandpa’s around and we will miss him so much. Ford is actually named after him – Ford is my Grandpa’s last (and Mom’s maiden) name. I regret not getting baby Ford over to see him more often and am so sad he {Read More}

Merry Christmas from the Urie’s!!


Santa – I know him!


We took Ford to meet Santa last night at Riverwoods. My parents met us there (and stood in line for us, which meant less time out in the cold) and we had so much fun! Not sure what he’s looking at… the fur on Santa’s coat perhaps? this is what happens when you have 4 adults trying to get a baby to smile well… that’s a little better, he’s at least looking at the camera. Mom Fail – I only {Read More}

Ford’s 3 month photoshoot


I am so THRILLED with how these photos turned out. Kristina Curtis is an amazing photographer! I’m so glad we decided to do the first year package with her. He’ll get photos taken every 3 months for the first year. So worth the investment! isn’t that box the cutest? I am kicking myself in the butt for not bringing it to his newborn shoot. Kristina and I talked about bringing it to the next 3 shoots so we can track {Read More}

Wordless Wednesday–Christmas Hat edition