Reasons Why I LOVE the CrossFit community


You all know that I LOVE CrossFit. (It was love at first WOD way back in October 2011.) I’ve realized something this week. There is no family like CrossFit family. Earlier this week, fellow mother and CrossFit athlete, Katrina Lawrence, passed away while giving birth to her 6th child. You can read the KSL article HERE.  Katrina was an athlete at Viking CrossFit (my old stomping grounds and where my love for CrossFit started), and though I didn’t know her {Read More}



Like many others, I am deeply saddened by the tragedy at the Boston Marathon yesterday. Yesterday, at work, our morning consisted of watching the live feed of the elite runners and tracking some friends on the course. After lunch, Ann texted me and said there had been an explosion at the course finish line. Our afternoon was consumed with watching live news updates, trying to check in on our friends who had run to make sure they were safe, and {Read More}

Have you heard??

I’m moving the blog!! to I’m so excited! If you follow me on Instagram – you probably already knew this – but I’ve been working on the new site for a couple weeks now. I bought my theme from Lindsey at Pretty Darn Cute Design and I LOVE it. the font, the colors, the layout – it’s me. It’s also forcing me to figure out Photoshop a little more and breaking me out of my blogspot-shell. I still haven’t {Read More}

Liebster Award

Hey y’all! I got tagged by Wymberly from CrossFit Super Mom with with a Liebster Award. *the rules* 1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves. 2. Then answer the questions the tagger sent for them, plus create 11 questions for the people they’ve tagged to answer. 3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.   4. Notify the people you have tagged.   5. No tag backs   So… I’m gonna do rule 1 and half {Read More}

missed it by THAT much!

Ever since Ann came to visit in October, I had planned on going to Minnesota sometime this winter. When I found out Jen, Prior Fat Girl, was doing one of her “One Breath, One Step” events this weekend I really, really, really wanted to go. However, flights were crazy expensive. And they never went down in price. So I gave up on the plan of going out there for this weekend. But then, Wednesday morn, I had a twitter message {Read More}

new friend and a new workout

I failed to mention that I met a new friend over the weekend. Kara from Mile High Maven was visiting in Utah and we decided to meet up at Yogurtland on Saturday afternoon. We were at Yogurtland for 3.5 hours! we completely lost track of time. we were chatting about running, life, boys, running, running, and running. She ran a half marathon a few weeks ago and got a rockin’ PR! the only thing we forgot to do was get a {Read More}

Cafe Rio Date & Bridal Veil Falls

Ann & I both slept in and lounged around Saturday morning. We finally dragged our butts out of the house and headed to Cafe Rio for another blogger date. Because the 2+ hours at Yogurtland the night before just wasn’t enough… we spent another 2 hours at Cafe Rio chatting about all things running, racing, & marathons.  Rachelle, Julia, Becky, Ann & Me  and because we spent so much time talking about running… we had to cut our {Read More}

cuz’ this is ThRiLLeR!!!

For Ann‘s last night in Utah we hit up the one and only, Joe Bandidos, for dinner. No one comes to visit me without having a meal at Joe Bandidos. After we were stuffed with yummy food and the best chips and salsa in the world, we met up with my Momma and headed to Provo for THRILLER by the Odyssey Dance Company Right when you walk into the lobby you are instantly surrounded by zombies. I love them and {Read More}

meeting my new BFF in real life!!

It has been a whirlwind of FUN since Ann got here on Thursday! I picked her up at the airport and we headed to lunch at Faustina and we had the best turkey burger and smoked chicken salad I’ve EVER tasted. It would be worth the drive to SLC just for the burger. After lunch we headed to Temple Square. We took a tour of the conference center and I actually learned a lot about the LDS church. And we got {Read More}

Ya know… my blog friend, Ann.

So it’s not news to anybody that I’ve met a lot of great girls (and guys) through blogging. How else would I have met: Janae, Megan, Jen, Julia, Rachelle, Rochelle, Stef, Ruth, Amy, Cory & Holley?! and it’s no wonder we are all addicted to Yogurtland, because that’s the only place we meet up anymore! Ha! But, what you may not know, is that I have a whole other group of girls that I blog-stalk. Most of them are from Minnesota and are {Read More}