We went to see Santa at the mall on Saturday. I wasn’t sure how Ford would react… he’s been showing signs of ‘stranger danger’ lately so I figured he’d be a little apprehensive. We went right as the mall opened on Saturday, so there was no line – we basically walked right up. Ford seemed okay at first, I thought we’d try letting him sit by himself. That lasted about .234 seconds. So we got family pictures! this was the {Read More}

Ford – 15 months


This little stink is growing up WAY too fast! I know our previous updates were a little more structured, but I just don’t have that dedication anymore. Momma is BUSY being a momma! We just had his well check yesterday and he is finally stabilizing weight wise – LOL. My lil chunky monkey has been in the 98% at his last 3 visits – weighed in at a whopping 28lbs 15oz! He’s 32.5” tall. Grew a whole inch taller since {Read More}

Ford’s ONE YEAR OLD photo shoot


Kristina Curtis has done it again! For Ford’s last photo shoot we headed down to Utah Lake at the docks. It was an early morning and much like Ford’s 10 month photo shoot – he wasn’t really digging it. It was a bit chilly being right on the water and he was tired. But we managed to get some good shots and Kristina offered to take some family shots as well. (of course, we brought Olivia too!) My cute boy! {Read More}

Ford’s Birthday Party


(sidenote – I’ve been a really crappy blogger – I hate blogging this late after the event – I forget most of the details and have to think of something clever to say…) We celebrated with family and close friends and had so much fun. It was great to have everyone come over to the house and check out our new place (even though it was (and still is) so bare!). We BBQ’d hot dogs & brats, had baked beans, {Read More}

Ford – 12 months


How in the world did we get here? How is he already 1? I still can’t believe it. It has been an amazing year with this beautiful little guy of ours. It’s been a crazy journey with lots of love, laughter and a few tears. Diz and I are so in love with this little guy of ours. (I can see why people have more than one child – which we will… EVENTUALLY.) It’s been so fun to watch him {Read More}

Happy Birthday Ford!


Here’s a little slideshow I put together on SmileBox for Ford’s party today – I figured I should share it here since I can’t invite everyone over to my house. Hopefully I’ll get a post up later this week for Ford’s 1st birthday party!  

10 month photoshoot


I’m a little late in posting this – but with the move and all – I’ve been extremely behind in posting blogs. YIKES. This photo shoot was supposed to be for 9 months – but Kristina was busy having a baby so we moved it out a bit, and it ended up being a 10 month photo shoot.   Ford was a bit of a stinker for this session. He just wasn’t super smiley like he usually is. I was {Read More}

Ford 11 months


How is our kiddo almost ONE?? I’m in shock that our little man is only weeks away from turning ONE. I will never understand how time can go so slow, yet speed by like it has these last 11 months. Love this kid more and more each day. Weight: 25lb 10 oz Height:  30.25″ Dr. Appt: took Ford in this month for a silly rash on his leg. It ended up being Eczema (which is what I thought it was…) {Read More}

Ford – 10 months


So… I had a draft of this post on my phone (or so I thought) and I somehow lost it. So this is going to be a very abridged version of Ford’s 10 month. Total Mom/Blog Fail. Weight: 25lbs 4oz Height: approx 30″ Doctor Appt: Well – we had yet another ear infection, this time it was bad! He had a perforation and had lots of drainage from both ears! Poor kid. We went to the after hours clinic on {Read More}

Ford – 9 months


This little stinker is MOBILE now! WATCH OUT! He’s a crawling machine. And he is loving it. I don’t know why we were encouraging him to move, because WOW, life has changed! I can no longer plop him in the middle of the floor with toys and get ready in the morning. He’s not content to just sit there, he is ALL OVER the place – exploring and checking out everything. I’ve been desperate a few times and sat him {Read More}