This was Ford’s first official holiday and we were so excited to dress him up! We saw this
Mike Wazowski onesie set at the Disney store this summer and Diz fell in love. In fact, he
wanted to buy it in newborn size so we could bring Ford home from the hospital in it. I put the
kibosh on that pretty quick. ;) But when we started thinking about Halloween and costumes I
knew we had to get him that onesie! I ordered it online from the Disney Store along with our
monsters university shirts (that were luckily on sale – seeing how we’ll probably never wear
them again!)



We went to Diz’s mom’s house for her annual Halloween party on the 26th and
got all dressed up. :) Ford did pretty well for his first family party. He was a little fussy at first,
but quieted down in my arms and fell asleep. So I put him upstairs in his pack n play to nap.
Of course the minute I got a plate ready and sat down to eat, he woke up. ;) The little guy was
hungry, so I fed him then he got go cuddle with his cousins & grandma.

On Halloween night we headed to my Mom & Dad’s house to help pass out treats. Ford had
peed on his costume earlier at daycare so he was just in his jammies. But he got lots of
snuggles with grandma & grandpa.


We’re looking forward to all of Ford’s “firsts” in the next year. It’ll be Thanksgiving soon and
then Christmas!! Which I am SO excited for! In fact, I still haven’t taken down my Halloween
decorations and I kind of want to just skip Thanksgiving décor and just go right to Christmas!



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  1. Kendra says:

    Aww sweet boy! That’s cute that y’a dressed up with him.

  2. Megan D says:

    The costume and theme was adorable. However, that little boy doesn’t need anything to look adorable. He is so dang cute. Love him and you!

  3. Kassidy says:

    Love his costume! You guys look so cute!

  4. Adorable costume!

    I’m a new mom too and I’m so excited for all the ‘first’ holidays!


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