StrongerRX and the bump

StrongerRX @ash_and_diz

The great folks at StrongerRX sent me their “it’s all in the HIPS” tank to try out and review.

And I gotta say, I love it. It’s soft and comfy (though it is a little snug around the baby bump) and I love the message on the back. It’s got a great athletic cut, doesn’t bunch up and doesn’t rub or chafe anywhere. I can’t wait to sport it after Baby Urie arrives and it fits a little (ahem) looser. ;)

StrongerRX @ash_and_diz 3

It’s all in the HIPS!
(Baby Urie is definitely doing sumthin’  to my hips! YIKES!)

StrongerRX offers high performance athletic wear that is designed for professional athletes. They offer women’s‘ tanks & tees, men’s tees & shorts, and gloves.

StrongerRX @ash_and_diz 4

At this point in my pregnancy (30 weeks!) I’m definitely noticing a decrease in my strength and it’s a little hard on my ego. BUT… having sweet gear (that’s comfy) gives me the motivation to keep hitting the WODs (modified, of course) at Elevated CrossFit.

StrongerRX @ash_and_diz 2

I’m hoping to add to my gear collection with some other tanks from StrongerRX. Though… I might need to wait til after Baby Urie arrives. At 30 weeks, the tank they sent is already snug! Perhaps it will be good “Body After Baby” motivation.

StrongerRX provided the tank free of charge for review purposes as part of a campaign through FitFluential. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.

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  1. Cute top! And you look fantastic!

  2. LOVE the top and I agree with Debbie. You look fantastic!!

  3. Fancy Nancy says:

    You look fantastic….and very strong!!!

  4. Love the pics, girlfriend. You and #BabyUrie look totally badass. <3

  5. Love the review and the pics! I also love the StrongerRx gear!

  6. I love that top!! Great review & you’re rockin’ it mama!

  7. ali moll says:

    Love the tank! And your baby bump is super cute! Sooo inspired by your workouts during pregnancy! It’s going to make recovery after delivery so much easier for you!

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