What do you think??

girl or boy


What do you think we’re having?

boy or girl??


Diz swears it’s a girl.
I have no clue. I go back and forth. At first I swore it was a girl, then I thought it was a boy, then I went back to girl, but 2 nights ago I had a dream of the ultrasound and it was a boy. (Yay for crazy pregnancy dreams)

my Momma thinks it’s a girl. She’s even wearing pink scrubs at work today to prove her point. ;)
& the majority of my coworkers think it’s a boy.

What do you think?

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  1. Shannon says:

    Wow! I’m due on 9/2 and we don’t get to find out until 4/22!
    I think you’re having a girl :). Congrats!

  2. Lori Weight says:

    I agree with Momma…Girl!!

  3. Jayci says:

    I think….girl!

  4. I say a healthy crossfit baby! :) I thought boy the entire first 20w until we found out he was actually a she!

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