Come CrossFit with ME! FOR FREE!

CrossFit for FREE at Elevated CrossFit SPRINGVILLE UTAH

Attention! Attention!

I have 5 guest passes for Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week.
There are classes in the morning and evening on Thursday and Friday, and one class on Saturday morning.

I know Megan and Janae are coming with me on Thursday night, who else wants to come and experience CrossFit?

You KNOW you want too!

I will help show you the ropes and help you feel comfortable (well as comfortable as possible while working out!) and answer any questions you have.

I do have a list of the workouts (and they are group WODs – so we REALLY can workout together) but I’d rather not tell you. I don’t want to overwhelm you. (I promise it is all do-able, nothing too crazy!)


Let me know if you want to come! I’d love to share my CrossFit passion with as many friends as possible! (remember – Diz has 5 passes too!)

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  1. Dang! I wish this was in seattle because I would totally of taken you up on it!

  2. Breann Johnson says:

    I’d love to try it out! I ran with Janae a few times when we were both pregnant so id love to see her again and meet you!

  3. says:

    I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!! I am going to die.

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