cuz’ this is ThRiLLeR!!!

For Ann‘s last night in Utah
we hit up the one and only, Joe Bandidos, for dinner.
No one comes to visit me without having a meal at Joe Bandidos. :)
After we were stuffed with yummy food and the best chips and salsa in the world,
we met up with my Momma and headed to Provo for
by the Odyssey Dance Company
Right when you walk into the lobby you are instantly surrounded by zombies.
I love them and hate them at the same time.
I love and hate being scared. weird, right?
 I asked her if I could take a picture with her…
she immediately went for the choke hold… and I got the biggest cheese grin, EVER.
 She kinda freaked me out… but then… she also looked like a little, sad puppy dog,
and I wanted to take her home.
 ok. she was just CREEPY.
seriously. C-R-E-E-P-Y.
(the zombie, not Becky. Duh)
my zombie friend is cheating on me and going after Becky!
Me & Momma waiting for the show to start.

practicing our “scared” faces :)

Ann & Me
Becky & Me

Ann, Me, & the Mamacita

 the show was AMAZING.
I’d try to pick some of my favorites… but I’d end up listing almost every dance.
Trust me, if you have the chance to go see Thriller, YOU HAVE TO GO.
The dancers are amazing.
The zombies are incredibly-freaky-awesome.
My Mom was seriously FREAKED OUT by the zombies.
She screamed like a school girl! and MORE than once.
On our way out my Mom may be been surrounded by a few zombies
and she cried out-
“Omigawd- they’re EVERYWHERE!”

p.s. most of the photos are from Mrs. Awesome Sauce Photographer, aka BECKY

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  1. Ann says:

    “Yeah, my best scare of the night was that GROWN-ASS WOMAN!!!!” Lol. Zombies talking about who they scared the most. Your mom’s screams were CLASSIC. #Loved them.

  2. Miss Erosion says:

    FUN!!! I went to this a couple years ago and loved every second of it.

  3. Becky says:

    Your mom cracked me up so much. Her blood curdling scream was the best. So much fun!!

  4. Ahn that looks like the coolest thing ever!!

    You and your momma are so cute!

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