ready to go!

Just a few more days and we’ll be cruising in the Caribbean! I can’t tell you how READY I am for this vacation. Looking forward to some warm sunshine and adventures!
my suitcase… almost filled to the brim! but only 43 lbs… I have 7 more lbs to go! lol.
hubby’s suitcase… ( i know it seems tiny, but I’m packing his suit and his formal clothes in *MY* suitcase)
some of my essentials…
good books and summer clothes :)
 high heels for my snooki dress ;)
 nike shorts (you know I’m gonna run!)
blowdryer and flat iron (just realized how much lint i have in my blowdryer-YUCK!)
HEY! for the first time this week, I actually woke up on time and hit up the gym…
but, my stomach wanted nothing to do with the treadmill.
boo :(
I hope I can have a redeeming run tomorrow.
I need a “hills” workout like Janae.
I know that we all have bad days and bad runs, makes ya that much more thankful for the good ones!

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  1. So true…those crappy runs make the good ones AMAZING!!! Girl, I am so excited for your cruise…you better take a million pictures!! Let me know how your hill workout goes, you are going to rock it. Ice cream when you get back!?!

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